MWO 990 ‘H’ Handle


  • For frameless glass door
  • Glass door thickness: 10mm-12mm
  • M8 Screw



  • Polished Stainless Steel(PSS)
  • Satin Stainless Steel (SSS)


Dimension of Handle:

  • Ø25mm x 500mm (305mm c/c)
  • Ø25mm x 600mm (425mm c/c)
  • Ø32mm x 600mm (425mm c/c)
  • Ø32mm x 800mm (600mm c/c)
  • Ø32mm x 1000mm (800mm c/c)
  • Ø32mm x 1200mm (1000mm c/c)
  • Ø32mm x 1500mm (1000mm c/c)
  • Ø32mm x 2000mm (700/1400mm c/c)

Note: c/c = center of the hole to center of the hole


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